Skyscraper Smart Social Marketing Method

The Skyscraper Smart Social Marketing Method is our secret sauce when it comes to digital marketing. It’s what we learned in years of experience of starting and growing social media accounts and running paid ads for businesses in Berlin.
We found that out that’s it’ an act of balance between short term lead generation and long term organic growth. But if you kind of get the blend right, it can expand quick that’s why we like to call it the skyscraper smart social marketing method.

Skyscraper Smart Social Marketing Method

1. The foundation

The most important aspect in terms of long term growth is really nailing to define your brand, here is why: The brand is your DNA and every decision should be carried by that energy. So if that identity isn’t even clear yet, all of your other decisions will be broad and therefore communicate signals of uncertainty. So because of that, getting to know every aspect of your brand is our first main priority in social marketing.

2. The countdown

Now it’s time to make important decisions: What kind of Ad Networks are we using? What kind of media do we choose for the social marketing campaign. Most of the time what we learned about your brand in step one will pretty much dictate the details.

3. The substructure

Content is King! So the first job is to improve and add to your existing content. Providing value to your target audience should be the main focus in this phase.

4. First few floors

Now it’s time to raise your brand awareness and get the first leads by taking advantage of ads. The focus here is on testing different mediums and deciding on which ad sets work and which don’t. Once we found them, we delete the rest and keep on testing different alterations of our winning team.

Skyscraper Smart Social Marketing Method

5. The sky is the limit

This process can really boost your sales and when we have gathered enough data it’s upon you how high you want to scale.

The beauty about this system is, that it leverages the symbiosis of paid and organic growth as well as an optimized sales funnel and social marketing. Social media ads have the clear benefit, that you are growing your follower count at the same time, so you natural engagement on your posts will grow as well. Bonus of that is, that the more referral traffic your website receives, the higher your google ranking will go. So Social Marketing in combination with SEO goes a long way!

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Skyscraper Smart Social Marketing Method in 5 Steps

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